September 2020

Types Of Stillage


Stillage is kind of a rack which is used to hold things off a floor. It is like a pallet, but the basic difference is that it is attached to the object which it is supposed to carry.

They are usually made out of steel and intend to transport goods without having to load and unload them. It helps goods reach their destiny safely and protects the person holding stuff from getting injured. Besides, it saves time as well. 

Types of stillage

There are different types of stillage. Some of the types are mentioned below:

  • Hypacage

Hypacage is light in weight and is known for its versatility. It is also known for its ability to handle and store huge items. Its exterior is very convenient, as it can be folded and stored easily without taking much space. One of the plus points of Hypacage is that it consists of hatches which can be lowered so that the good can be loaded without any difficulty. In this way, it minimises the risk of getting injured as well as protects the product from any harm

  • Metal cage stillage

As the name suggests, Metal cage stillage are designed with solid sheets having metal sides or mesh steel sides. They are designed for small products; for example, supports, clamps, and struts. You can find several brands that are an expert in designing a metal cage stillage that would serve everyone’s purpose.

  • Frame Stillage

Stackable stillage based in australia are specially designed to store and carry items having enormous size. It usually carries items which are flat, like: wood panels or glass. Frame stillage protects the material from any damages.

A reliable manufacturer provides weight testing of products in order to make sure that the items are reliable and suitable for the particular cause.

  • Warehouse cages

Warehouse cages are considered to be one of the most versatile stillage types. They are typically used in a number of industries, like: parcel companies, supermarkets, sorting offices, etc. Warehouse stillage can be designed in two ways:

  • static

Static ones are those which are fixed to one place; they do not move or easily manoeuvre and this quality makes it a little less desirable.  In contrast to the static form, wheeled warehouses offer more convenience. They provide a better alternative to forklift. It helps in making the process of manoeuvring easier and offers damage control from lifting heavy items.

These are major types of stillage One should choose any of its type which suits one’s cause.